How SCC AUGER increased administrative processing productivity for service calls by 20%


Honestly, I’m completely satisfied with the Praxedo solution because it’s perfectly suited to my business and provides indisputable efficiency gains. I don’t see what more I could wish for!

Jonathan Auger – President


Industry: Installing and maintaining institutional and commercial kitchens
Number of technicians equipped: 4

Tell us a bit about SCC AUGER and your business…

SCC Auger installs, repairs and maintains institutional kitchens in hospitals and schools, and commercial kitchens in restaurants.
We have a team of technicians with skills in electricity, plumbing, gas, welding and electronics.
We do business with equipment resellers and wholesalers who respond to our calls for tenders, including tenders to subcontract our services. They present turnkey offerings. They make the deliveries and SCC Auger takes care of the installation and maintenance services. We can work on all types of commercial brands on the market (about 100 manufacturers).
I started my company more than two years ago after spending 17 years in this field. As an independent entrepreneur first and foremost, the business quickly grew, and the team now numbers 7 people, including 4 trucks on the road.

cuisine Auger


Why did you choose the Praxedo solution?

I spent a lot of time updating the status of our activities. Scheduling was complicated to manage. When it was just me, I had some control, but as soon as I started hiring employees, mistakes and oversights multiplied and occurred daily.
I was using a shared Excel file that each person had to update with their status, information about work orders, time and parts tracking, etc. It took a lot of management work, about 1.5 hours a day to organize it. I used to work on this task at the end of the day, after hours spent with customers.
I needed to find a tool that could simplify and track all of my activities to free up my time.
After finding several applications on the market, I chose Praxedo. Other products existed, but they were more expensive and didn’t provide the same functionality as Praxedo.
The Praxedo tool met my expectations exactly.
In addition, as standard functionality, the application is connected to QuickBooks Online, my accounting solution. The integration between the two applications avoids rewriting data, which saves a lot of time.

Who uses the Praxedo solution at your business and for what purposes?

After the Praxedo team did the first basic configuration, I configured the application myself. I was able to adapt the solution to my environment. Praxedo is easy to configure. I learned to use the administration tools with help from the Praxedo expert initially, and then with the online help.
I’ve run a number of tests, created different types of work orders, changed report formats, etc. In particular, I was able to improve the way reports are presented to customers thanks to Praxedo’s excellent form customization feature.
After spending a few hours working on configuration, I could see that with a little willpower, it’s very simple and intuitive to use, even without technical skills!
From an operational point of view:

  • 3 people in the office schedule service calls and manage administration (quotes and invoicing) tasks
  • 4 technicians on the road each execute on 2 to 8 work orders per day.

Praxedo gives me a snapshot of our activities. Once the work is completed, I set up a work order validation step in Praxedo before automatically starting invoicing in QuickBooks.

What are the main benefits of the Praxedo solution?

The main benefit I’ve seen is a very significant productivity gain for me. I’ve saved about 20% of my time since I used to spend about 8 hours a week on scheduling and updating information.
Thanks to Praxedo, I’m working in real time with instant updates.
In addition, there’s no more forgetting, no more errors. All of the information is entered and channeled into the application. Information exchanges with my team are easier.
On the user support side, I’m delighted. There’s always a Praxedo expert to answer my questions. Responses are quick, efficient, and even when a problem takes a little longer to resolve, I’m informed immediately. I’m never left in the dark. It’s a very pleasant experience!
Honestly, I’m completely satisfied with the Praxedo solution because it’s perfectly suited to my business and it gives me indisputable efficiency gains. I don’t see what more I could wish for!

How do you see the future of your relationship with Praxedo?

Up to now, my technicians’ timesheets are on a shared Google Sheet. I plan to start capturing time directly on the Praxedo mobile app. This is a small behavioral change for my technicians to adopt.
Longer term, I also plan to manage my equipment reserves with Praxedo.
In short, it’s mostly about adding some new configurations to further improve my efficiency.

If you had to summarize the Praxedo solution in two keywords, what would they be?

Effective: I really like this program.
Peace of mind: Avoiding mistakes and streamlining information is critical in my business.

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