Praxedo is the best tool for field technicians!

Whatever your sector you work in (be it heating, air-conditioning, elevators, telecommunications, water, electricity, etc.) and whatever work order type you’re implementing (after-sales service, preventative maintenance, control, etc.), Praxedo allows you to manage your field technicians’ work orders in a more effective way.

Out of all the mobile workforce management solutions put forward to us, we opted for Praxedo because of the solution’s flexibility and modularity.
Every single aspect of GLI’s maintenance activities is now dealt with using Praxedo.

Francis Frêne, Administrative and Financial Director at GLI,
Europe’s leading manufacturer of gas tanks, 120 technicians using the Praxedo solution

Benefits of the Praxedo solution

Not enough comprehensive and reliable information available in the field? High failure rate when implementing work orders? Large volume of work orders needing dealt with? Complex scheduling issues?
Praxedo is already helping numerous companies which employ technicians to boost their activity-related effectiveness in the field. Being easy to customize, the solution responds perfectly to technicians’ needs and integrates all the operations specific to mobile workforce management, notably:

  • Creation, qualification and scheduling of preventative and curative work order requests.
  • Transmission of work order requests on technicians’ mobile devices (smartphones / tablets).
  • Notification sent to technicians when a scheduling change is made (Push mode).
  • Global positioning of resources (vehicles / technicians) and GPS navigation support.
  • Management of reporting forms on mobile devices: (drop-down menu, checkbox, etc.), take photos, record audio and video, set GPS location, use digital signature, scan bar codes.
  • Capture activity times (day start time, work order start time, break start time, etc.).
  • Notifications sent to customers by SMS or e-mail to inform them of task progress.
  • Transmission of work order reports to customers by e-mail or fax.

Praxedo makes the lives of both your field technicians’ and the dispatcher much easier, and also enhances your productivity and optimizes your service quality.

  • Monitor any changes made to work orders in real time (responsiveness to comply with contracts with a recovery time guarantee, notification to inform customers of how a work order is progressing).
  • Time savings and productivity gains as a result of going digital (deletion of paper work order slips, end to unproductive trips, reduction in the number of kilometers spent traveling).
  • Increased responsiveness as a result of users being better informed (map-assisted scheduling, search function to find the nearest available technician with the required skills, simpler stock management for spare parts).

Since they are receiving better support in their actions and have more coherent schedules, your technicians can concentrate on implementing their work orders and focus on providing an optimum standard of service quality.

The return on investment of deploying Praxedo in a company should be immediate. All each of your technicians have to do is use Praxedo to implement at least one work order per month and the global cost of the solution is covered.

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