Drivers and delivery personnel

Track deliveries and vehicles in real time

Many transport and delivery businesses need their shipments, pick ups and deliveries to be fully traceable with proof of delivery. The Praxedo mobile app makes it easy for drivers and delivery personnel by capturing the delivery record/waybill directly on a smartphone or tablet.

Praxedo is involved in more than 500,000 equipment movement operations dealt with on a tablet or smartphone. It’s excellent for our customers, because they no longer need to move an inch to view the equipment. All we do is send them photos upon delivery and return, and they are very satisfied indeed with us working in that way

Olivier Laigle, Logistics Director at Kiloutou, a leading equipment rental company with 400 delivery personnel using the Praxedo mobile app

Benefits for drivers and logistics managers

Do you need access to more comprehensive and reliable information in the field? Are you lacking real-time information on delivery status? Would you enjoy the convenience of paperless delivery records/waybills?

Transport and logistics companies rely on Praxedo to empower their drivers. Simple to configure, the mobile app works on most mobile devices and operating systems (e.g., iOS, Android, Windows Phone), so that enterprises can roll them out on lightweight and inexpensive devices.
What’s more, the Praxedo mobile app interfaces with TMS (Transport Management System) software, which is often used to schedule delivery routes.
Ideally suited to the transport industry, the Praxedo application allows the dispatcher to monitor all the stages of a delivery. The application:

  • Provides a mobile extension of TMS software.
  • Creates delivery and collection requests and allocates them to the most appropriate vehicle (based on the last known geographical position, availability or type).
  • Sends work order requests to the drivers’ mobile device.
  • Notifies drivers when a schedule has been changed using push notifications.
  • Track/geolocate vehicles in real time and provides drivers using a GPS navigation app.
  • Notifies customers by SMS/text or email, informing them about the status of the delivery.
  • Uses paperless delivery records so entries can be made on a mobile device (e.g., drop-down menus and checkboxes), barcodes can be scanned, photos of damaged parcels can be taken, and digital signatures of customers can be saved
  • Captures activity times.
  • Sends delivery records to customers by email as required.

Enhance productivity and optimize service quality

  • Greater traceability throughout the entire supply chain so progress along delivery routes can be monitored continuously.
  • Customers informed in real time as to how deliveries are progressing.
  • Save time, increase productivity and improve accuracy by using digital forms and records.
  • Cut down on disputes and miscommunications with customers thanks to photo records integrated with the paperless delivery records.

With Praxedo’s real-time overview of field operations, transport and logistics companies can respond more quickly and improve customer satisfaction rates.

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