Praxedo optimizes the organization of your drivers / delivery agents

Many transport activities need collection and delivery operations to be fully traceable. The Praxedo mobile application is the ideal solution for your drivers / delivery agents, since they can capture their delivery slips directly on a smartphone or tablet.

Nowadays, Praxedo is involved in more than 500,000 equipment movement operations dealt with on a tablet or smartphone. It’s excellent for our customers, because they no longer need to move an inch to view the equipment. All we do is send them departure and return photos, and they are very satisfied indeed with us working in that way.

Olivier Laigle, Head of Project Organization and Change Management at Kiloutou, the equipment hire firm which has 350 drivers equipped with the Praxedo solution

Benefits of the Praxedo solution

Not enough comprehensive and reliable information available in the field? Need to inform the customer of how their delivery is progressing in real time? Want to switch to paperless delivery slips?

Praxedo is already helping numerous companies in the transport sector by providing their drivers / delivery agents with the appropriate equipment. Being simple to configure, the mobile solution works on most mobile devices available on the market (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), so users can deploy it on lightweight and economical devices. What’s more, the Praxedo mobile application can be easily interfaced with TMS (Transport Management System) software, which is often used to schedule delivery routes.

Ideally suited to the transport sector, the Praxedo application allows you to monitor all the stages involved in making a delivery:

  • A mobile extension of TMS (Transport Management System) software.
  • Create delivery / collection requests and allocate them to the most appropriate vehicle (based on its last known geographical position, its availability or its type).
  • Send work order requests to drivers’ mobile devices (smartphones / tablets).
  • Notify drivers when a schedule has been changed (Push mode).
  • Localize vehicles in real time and provide drivers with a GPS navigational aid.
  • Notify customers by SMS or email to inform them of how their delivery is progressing.
  • Switch to paperless delivery slips, make direct entries on a smartphone / tablet (drop-down menu, checkbox, etc.), scan barcodes on parcels to be delivered, take photos of damaged parcels, save the customer’s digital signature.
  • Capture activity times (social data, etc.).
  • Send requested delivery slips to customers by email.

Praxedo makes the lives of both your drivers / delivery agents and the dispatcher much easier, and also enhances your productivity and optimizes your service quality.

  • Greater traceability throughout the entire logistics chain so you can continuously monitor progress being made along delivery routes.
  • Customers informed in real time as to how their deliveries are progressing.
  • Time savings and productivity gains as a result of going digital (abolition of paper work order slips, defects updated in real time).
  • Reduction in the number of disputes with customers since photos are integrated in the paperless delivery slips.

Thanks to Praxedo, you have a real-time overview of transport operations, so you can make productivity gains and be more responsive to your customers’ requests.
Since it can be interfaced with TMS software, Praxedo is becoming an indispensable mobile tool for paperless management of your transport operations from start to finish

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