Praxedo is ideally suited to use by auditors / inspectors

Many quality control and inspection activities require complex, structured and standardized reports, as well as flawless archiving of this very same data. The Praxedo mobile application is the ideal solution for your auditors / inspectors, since they can capture their reports directly on a smartphone or tablet.

Benefits of the Praxedo solution

Creating complex and rich reports with integrated photos in particular? Need to organize and structure your quantitative and qualitative data so you can process it easily and draw statistics? Want to monitor uploaded non-compliance situations until they are resolved?

Praxedo is already helping numerous companies in the fields of facility management and quality control by providing their auditors / inspectors with the appropriate equipment so they can particularly check the quality of services rendered on customers’ premises. Being simple to configure, the mobile solution works on most mobile devices available on the market (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), so users can deploy it on lightweight and economical devices. The Praxedo application allows you to manage the service delivery monitoring process from start to finish:

  • Organize the delivery routes used by your inspectors / auditors and transmissions to their smartphones / tablets.
  • Create work orders directly in the field using a mobile device.
  • Make the most of the possibility of accessing the archive of checks performed or specific technical data.
  • Go paperless by capturing complex reports directly on your smartphone / tablet (section, table, drop-down menu, checkbox, etc.), take photos, identify defects, save the customer’s digital signature.
  • Send SMS or email notifications to inform customers that services are being performed properly and send requested service delivery monitoring forms automatically.

Praxedo makes the lives of inspectors / auditors much easier and allows them to manage the implementation process for quality checks :

  • Provision of all the information required to properly carry out the check (access to the document base per site or piece of equipment),
  • Time savings and productivity gains as a result of going digital: no more duplicate entries, instances of non-compliance involving corrective action uploaded in real time, inspection reports sent automatically,
  • Traceability of the checks carried out.

Gone are the days when your auditors / inspectors had to carry their bulky laptops around with them. Now, they can create reports directly on their mobile devices. All the information needed to check them is available in the application.

What’s more, the Praxedo application can easily be interfaced with your existing information system, particularly for the purpose of simplifying statistical processing of uploaded field data.

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