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Operations management software for auditors and inspectors on site

Inspection, certification and compliance testing organizations have teams of mobile workers who regularly visit client sites. Their mission is to make sure the services performed and/or the equipment installed meet standards. Inspectors and auditors certify the reliability, maintainability, availability, and safety of people as well as facilities. On top of that, quality control, risk assessment, performance improvement, and sustainable development are of prime concern. That’s why the stakes are high.

Inspectors and auditors work in many sectors, including construction and infrastructure, real estate, facilities management, food handling, sanitation inspection, telecommunications, and energy among others. These mobile workers make multiple daily visits to different sites, so route optimization is important. Another challenge is ensuring data traceability so that non-conformities are visible and certifications, such as ISO standards (and others) are documented.

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Praxedo is a field service management solution that meets the needs of auditors and inspectors. The solution offers unparalleled flexibility for work order scheduling, reporting, and documentation. Its mobile application can be personalized for each job type.

Praxedo offers many features for field service management professionals. These features:

  • Enable field inspectors to see a list of nearby job requests so they can add jobs to their own schedule
  • Offer embedded images in forms as visual reminders for inspectors
  • Ensure consistency of completed forms by calculating fields and applying control rules
  • Digitize all types of regulatory documents using the report editor, which is integrated into the Praxedo solution
  • Let customers see the inspection reports in the mobile application before the customer signs off on the job electronically.

Praxedo field service management software also offers benefits. The software:

  • Saves the dispatcher time deploying a mobile workforce
  • Provides convenient and immediate access to site- or equipment-related documentation in the mobile app
  • Improves productivity by ending double entry reporting, by enabling immediate identification of nonconformities, and by filing inspection reports in real-time
  • Assures enhanced traceability with digitized work orders, embedded images, as well as access to work order history
  • Enhances conformance to contractual commitments
  • Reduces billing times with immediate communication of field data to the enterprise information system


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