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Enhance efficiency with paperless/electronic service reports

Praxedo allows dispatchers to create and modify forms for service reports without requiring computer/IT-related expertise. These paperless forms can be used by field personnel for industry-specific purposes.

Configured directly on the Praxedo web interface, the forms can be transmitted to the mobile devices of field personnel by means of a simple synchronization process. A rich set of features is also available so complex forms (e.g., used by inspectors or auditors) can be easily created.

Praxedo provides dispatchers with a number of field types to create forms:

  • Text area

  • Digital input

  • Checkbox

  • Drop-down list

  • Barcode scanner

  • Electronic signature

  • Photo

  • Video

  • GPS record

  • Date/time

  • Clickable URL

  • Phone

rich form


By adding intelligence to the forms, dispatchers can make well-thought out forms even easier to use, while checking the quality of the data entered.

Using skip logic, dispatchers can also determine if form fields and sections will appear depending on entries made in preceding fields.

By using Praxedo API web services and the instruction concept, dispatchers can also pre-populate particular fields with data from the information system.

What’s more, to make data on mobile devices easier to read, tables can be incorporated in the forms.

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