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An online and offline hybrid mobile application

Users of the Praxedo solution often work in areas where there is no mobile phone signal: in white areas where there is no GSM network or in the basements of buildings without any coverage, for example. It is essential for them to have access to their IT applications whether they have a signal or not.

Praxedo has designed its mobile application to be perfectly useable, even when there is no signal. Data can be accessed and entered at any time in offline mode, then synchronized once network coverage has been restored.

The Praxedo mobile application features an integrated relational database, which allows users to:

  • Store a large amount of information locally on their mobile devices (several tens of thousands of spare parts, for example)
  • Optimize synchronization periods, whereby only modifications are synchronized (differential synchronization).

The Praxedo mobile application is a genuine application which is available on the main marketplaces: App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and Chrome Store. These marketplaces are used to make initial deployment easier and then to manage application updates.

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