Mobile Application

Stay connected with your field workers; make their everyday lives easier.

  • Available on a wide range of devices

    Choose the device that suits you:
    – Smartphone, tablet, laptop PC.
    – Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.1, Chrome.
    Praxedo works on most devices available on the market.

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  • Online and offline hybrid operation

    Since your field workers sometimes work in areas where there is no reception, Praxedo’s mobile application has offline capability too.

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  • Schedule updates in Push mode

    Field workers are informed on their mobile device if any modifications are made to their schedule.

  • Work order details

    Check out work order details: site address, contact details, description of measures to be implemented, …

  • Creating work orders on mobile devices

    Empower your workers by allowing them to create work orders directly in the field if necessary.

  • Rescheduling work orders on mobile devices

    Field workers can allocate any work orders they cannot fulfill to another team member directly on their cell.

  • Viewing previous work orders in the archive

    Access the entire archive of work orders completed for the same customer, site or piece of equipment from a mobile device.

  • Viewing technical schedules or manuals

    To help field workers complete work orders, you can add attachments accessible from mobile devices to each work order.

  • GPS navigation

    By inputting the work order address or the geographical coordinates of a piece of equipment, you can be guided to your next work order by Google Maps Navigation, TomTom or Plan.

  • Capturing activities

    Use a mobile device to capture field workers’ working time: time spent on work orders, travel time, break time, etc.

  • Various paperless forms

    Using their mobile device, field workers directly fill out their work order reports consisting of clickable drop-down menus, checkboxes, photos and signature, etc. Praxedo offers powerful features for creating forms.

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  • Item consumption management

    Capture the services and materials consumed during the course of a work order using an embedded items catalog, with a bar code or label search function.

Remote collaboration

Collaborate with your field workers

  • Web and mobile instant messaging module

    Connect with your field workers directly in the Praxedo application.

  • Praxedo Share

    Functionality that allows field workers to use their mobile device to send a photo to a remote expert and then to interact with them on this photo (zoom in on the photo, draw on the photo, add comments, etc.).

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