Mobile Application

Stay connected with your field workers; make their everyday lives easier.

  • Available on a wide range of devices

    Choose the device that suits you:
    – Smartphone, tablet, laptop PC.
    – Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.1, Chrome.
    Praxedo works on most devices available on the market.

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  • Useable online and offline

    Since your field workers sometimes work in areas where there is no signal, Praxedo’s mobile application has offline capability too.

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  • Schedule updates in Push mode

    Field workers are informed on their mobile device if any modifications are made to their schedule.

  • Map display on mobile application

    In the application, you can display the route and nearby work orders to complete, as well as warehouses and their stock levels for a given part.

  • Work order details

    Check out work order details: site address, contact details, description of measures to be implemented, …

  • Creating work orders from mobile device

    Empower your workers by allowing them to create work orders directly in the field if necessary.

  • Self-scheduling work orders

    A field employee can look at the work orders that need to be completed nearby on a mobile map and plan a visit himself if he is available.

  • Rescheduling work orders from mobile device

    Field workers can allocate any work orders they cannot fulfill to another team member directly on their cell.

  • Viewing plans or technical instructions

    To help field workers complete work orders, you can add attachments to each work order accessible from mobile device.

  • Viewing work orders history

    Access the entire archive of work orders completed for the same customer, site or piece of equipment from mobile device.

  • GPS navigation

    From the work order address specified in the application or the geographical coordinates of a piece of equipment, you can be guided to the next site by Google Maps Navigation, TomTom or Plan. No need to re-enter the data in your preferred navigation app.

  • Capturing activities

    Use mobile device to capture field workers’ working time: time spent on work orders, travel time, break time, etc.

  • Various paperless forms for service reports

    Using their mobile device, field workers directly fill out their service reports consisting of clickable drop-down menus, checkboxes, photos and signature, etc. Praxedo offers powerful features for creating forms.

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  • Enriched photo feature

    Save the GPS location of your photos when they’re taken and make notes on them directly in the Praxedo application.

  • Module field interfaces with connected objects

    A module field lets Praxedo’s mobile app communicate with connected objects. With this feature, a technician can gather data from a measuring device (seal test, combustion analysis, leak detection, etc.) and add it to a Praxedo service report.

  • Automatic control of data entered

    To ensure data entered in mobile forms is high quality, you can set parameters for field validators. These validators alert the user to entry errors and block report validation.

  • Item consumption management

    Capture the services and materials consumed during the course of a work order using an embedded items catalog, with a bar code or label search function.

  • Checking spare part stock levels

    Technicians can check the stock levels in their vehicle for any given part. If the part isn’t available, the company’s ERP interface will allow technicians to view the closest stock and the quantity available, then reserve or order the desired part.

  • Google Wear compatibility

    Review the day’s schedule, launch navigation help, and report your current activities from your Google Wear connected watch.

  • Calendar sync

    You can sync your Praxedo schedule with your calendars (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.) from Praxedo’s mobile application.

  • Accept onsite payments

    Accept payments onsite for the completed service amount. The payment module connects directly to the mobile terminal to replace an electronic payment terminal.

Remote collaboration

Collaborate with your field workers

  • Web and mobile instant messaging module

    Connect with your field workers directly in the Praxedo application.

  • Praxedo Share

    Feature that allows field workers to use their mobile device to send a photo to a remote expert and then to interact with them on this photo (zoom in on the photo, draw on the photo, add comments, etc.).

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