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Notifications sent to customers to prevent them from changing work orders

In order to improve the real-time information you send your customers, with Praxedo you can implement notification scenarios which allow you to inform your customers of any developments relating to their work order requests in real time.

keep you cutomers uptodate in real time

The account administrator can easily create scenarios from the Praxedo web interface by selecting the trigger event of their choosing (e.g. work order scheduled, worker set off on their journey to the site, work order completed, etc.) and customize the messages which will be sent to end customers either by email or SMS.

Sample application: a technician is scheduled to carry out a work order on a customer’s premises today in a time slot running from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Since a scenario has been implemented, the customer no longer needs to remain uninformed while waiting on the technician. They are alerted by SMS as soon as the technician sets off on their journey to their premises.

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