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Optimize schedules with the SmartScheduler module

You manage many work orders. Watch the video below to see how SmartScheduler can help you optimize your schedules.


With SmartScheduler, you can optimize your technicians’ schedules in a few seconds

Praxedo designed SmartScheduler for companies that need to assign hundreds of work orders to their field technicians every day. SmartScheduler is an automated scheduling optimization module that uses metaheuristic-type algorithms designed by Praxedo’s engineers. What makes these algorithms unique is that they work effectively in a few seconds. This makes it possible for our clients—who face restrictive operational parameters—to very quickly get the best schedule possible.

Using SmartScheduler, planners will save time during scheduling and minimize the distances technicians travel.

SmartScheduler helps planners create optimal schedules within specific parameters

Contrary to alternative solutions known as “black boxes”, which calculate the ideal schedule once per day, SmartScheduler’s optimization engine assists the planner—aware of all the work parameters—to repeatedly create an optimal schedule.

Scheduling Stages

  • Schedulers select work orders to schedule
  • They identify the list of technicians as well as the desired date range
  • They enter their parameters into the engine (authorization to reschedule work orders already scheduled, to reassign a work order, to exceed technicians’ daily schedule range, etc.)
  • The engine minimizes journey times and balances schedule loads
  • Based on the results, the planner either: approves the entire schedule at once, or technician by technician, or changes the parameters and launches a new calculation.

This allows the planner to iteratively create their field technicians’ schedules in work order batches, while guaranteeing optimized travel times.

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