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With its map module, Praxedo helps you optimize job scheduling

The Praxedo map module helps you optimize the scheduling of preventive jobs and save valuable time for service call scheduling. On the same screen, you will find all the information you need to effectively schedule and monitor all work orders.

The map module was completely redesigned (October 2015 release) to simplify its use and allow complex jobs to be handled with just a few clicks:

  • set up new preventive jobs in field worker schedules according to remaining daily workloads,
  • view worker schedules on D+1 while assigning jobs for the day after,
  • assign an emergency work order easily by displaying field worker routes and showing which one is the nearest from the site.

With the map module, it is now easy to set up additional jobs to field workers while viewing their current activity progress.

map module, optimize job scheduling

Show availability and workload of field workers simply by clicking on routes.

Map module, avaibility

Select a work order and add it to an existing route simply by right-clicking on it.

Select a work order

Add a new job to an existing route by clicking on the arrow (indicating route direction): a schedule range is suggested automatically.

Add a new job to an existing route

To find out more about the map module and to better comprehend how Praxedo can help you with your daily tasks, please contact our sales team.

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