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Visualize field personnel activities in real time to optimize resources

With Praxedo, the dispatcher can monitor what field personnel are doing in real time with updates on status, including “available”, “en route” or “dealing with a work order.”

The dispatcher has an overview of all teams so a team can be quickly assigned to respond to an urgent service call.

Upon completion of a work order, the dispatcher can view the activity report, which provides important information, such as the actual time spent by field personnel on a work order (compared to the allocated time) as well as the time spent by field personnel each day, week, or month on a work order.

monitor your field workers in real time

The dispatcher can easily configure the workflow process. The process allows the dispatcher to:

  • Create workflows in the activities sequence
  • Determine whether the allocated time has been worked or not
  • Geolocate a change in activity

The dispatcher can also use activities or events as triggers to send alerts to customers based on work order progress.

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