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Cockpit Module: track your indicators in real time

Want to track each day’s work order completion rate in real time? Need to anticipate risks of potential late or canceled appointments?

Cockpit is a true real-time dashboard that gives you a snapshot of what’s happening in the field at any given time. Cockpit gives you a set of indicators updated in real time so you can track work orders by technician or team and react quickly in case a problem arises. Cockpit is designed to help you take immediate action so you can maintain your service quality.

Praxedo offers pre-configured parameters you can integrate directly into your Cockpit, such as:

  • the number of work orders with missed appointments
  • the number of emergency work orders
  • the rate of work orders in progress whose time limit has been exceeded
  • the rate of completed work orders that met the Guaranteed Restoration Time or the Guaranteed Response Time.

You can also create and add your own service indicators using our configuration module.

cockpit data analysis

In addition to the Cockpit feature, Praxedo offers “Analytics”, a module to analyze jobs history and to take preventive actions.

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