Effectively prepare and plan your workers’ schedules.
Intelligent scheduling saves you precious time.

  • Your workers’ daily and weekly schedules

    View both your field workers’ activity and the status of

    work orders in the blink of an eye.

  • Optimize routes with SmartScheduler

    With Praxedo’s new SmartScheduler module, it will only take schedulers a few seconds to optimise their field technicians’ schedules to minimise the distance they travel.

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  • Drag & drop scheduling

    Simply drag and drop to move work orders, change the schedule and allocate it to another worker.

  • Map-assisted scheduling

    Check the consistency of your schedules by displaying them on the map and modify them directly from the map with just one click.

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  • Scheduling under constraints

    Observe your customers’ time constraints and the skills defined for your field workers

  • Mass work order processing

    Schedule or discard a selection of work orders with just one click.

  • Scheduling by team

    Link several teammates to a work order and monitor each worker’s working time.

  • Scheduling of recurrent work orders

    Automate the creation / scheduling process for recurrent work orders at customer, site or equipment level.

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  • Configure your industry-specific indicators

    Perform searches using advanced filters and save them to create indicators specific to your activity.

Global positioning

Monitor your teams in the field

  • Displaying field workers’ positions on the map

    Locate your field workers’ activities using the GPS feature of their mobile devices.

  • Real-time global positioning of your vehicles

    Praxedo’s connectors mean the GPS positions transmitted by your tracking devices are uploaded directly to your Praxedo account.

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  • Checking for consistency between stops and work orders

    Reports enable you to identify those stops associated with work order schedules and unjustified stops.

Activity report

Track delivery routes live and manage emergencies

  • Real-time overview of activity in the field

    You know at all times if your field workers are available, on the move, dealing with a work order… And even if they ahead or behind in relation to their schedule for the day.

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  • Scheduling in an emergency

    At any given time, you can identify the worker who is nearest to you in terms of distance or time (traffic info), who is immediately available and who has the required skills, then allocate a work order to them.

  • Cockpit dashboard

    With Cockpit, business activity managers can track their service indicators pro-actively during the day and take corrective actions.

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  • Analytics Module: Monitoring and analysis of your Key Performance Indicators

    With the Analytics Module available in the Field Service software Praxedo, you can monitor and analyze in real time your KPIs.

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  • Activity report

    Use the activity report to analyze field workers’ working time.

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