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Create and track your work orders from
the Salesforce Service Cloud console.

Salesforce interface

You can access all the information you need to fulfill your clients’ request from the Salesforce Service Cloud console: contact information, call and email history, most recent work orders completed, and reports.

When a client calls, you create a request from the Service Cloud console. If the problem identified requires a field visit, you create a new work order form connected to this request.

The Salesforce event is immediately and automatically followed by the creation of a work order to be scheduled in Praxedo. The work order is managed using Praxedo’s scheduling tools (SmartScheduler route optimization module, mapping module, etc.). The scheduled time and assigned technician are sent to Salesforce in real time and connected to the corresponding work order. You can keep your client informed about their request’s progress at any time.

Once the work order is completed, the report entered by the technician on his mobile phone is sent to Salesforce and the work order is marked as completed in Salesforce.

The request can be closed and the information stays easily accessible in Salesforce so future requests from the client can be responded to quickly.

The Praxedo connector also works with Salesforce Sales Cloud accounts using the Requests object without having access to the Service Cloud console.

If you would like to get access to Praxedo’s Salesforce connector, contact us.

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