Industry-specific configurations

Configure your industry-specific processes

  • Configuring your industry-specific processes

    Define your different possible work order types, along with the skills required, the associated forms for reports and lists of authorized items.

  • Rules for the activity report

    Implement workflows and manage your field workers’ activity in Praxedo: use the status sequence (e.g. available, on the move, dealing with a work order), calculate field workers’ time worked, time spent dealing with work orders, etc.

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  • Configuring complex forms

    Break the entry feature down into basic screens, create a dynamic display using the data entered, manage tables and perform consistency checks to reflect the industry-specific rules.

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  • Customizing the mobile application

    Precisely define what data is displayed and what functions are authorized for field workers.

  • Customer / site / equipment referential

    Create a new referential in Praxedo or import your existing one. A useful feature, especially when you’re using Praxedo autonomously, i.e. when you’re not connected to an ERP system.

Account administration

Administer your account

  • User profile management

    Create user profiles to give each user of the web application access to more or fewer features or to more or less information.

  • Clustering data by “organizational unit”

    By using the concept of “organizational units”, the users in your account only have access to the data concerning them.

  • Internationalizing your account

    Define the operating languages and time zones specific to each user.

Integrating the app with your IS

Simply interface your ERP with Praxedo

  • Praxedo is already interfaced with many ERP systems, such as:

    All the features are designed to be interfaceable and can communicate with your existing applications. Praxedo offers Web Services interfaces to ensure the solution integrates seamlessly with your information system.

  • Native Salesforce connector

    Praxedo’s Salesforce connector integrates your Praxedo account into your Salesforce Service Cloud account without you developing anything.

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