Expand your information system to include field activities with Praxedo!

  • Praxedo offers SOAP API Web Services with a view to simply connecting the application to your existing information system.

    With our APIs, you can independently interface your information system with your Praxedo account all by yourself, to e.g.:

    1. Directly send work order requests created in your information system to your Praxedo account,

    2. Receive in return the report on the measures implemented in the field.

  • To guarantee the security of your information system, our APIs always act passively, i.e. requests are always made on the initiative of your information system.

    There is therefore no intrusion by your network. HTTPS requests are made to Praxedo directly from your information system (like a request made from your browser to a website).

  • With our API Web Services, we supply you with sample codes developed in Java and C++ to make handling of the same easier.

    We also place technical consultants at your disposal, to ensure that skills are transferred to your team which is responsible for integration.

  • As an alternative to API Web Services, Praxedo also offers methods which allow you to interface your information system, and notably to make changes to structured files, import e-mails, etc.

  • Praxedo also has native connectors which are ready for use with certain ERP systems, notably Sage 100.

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