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Praxedo is a multi-OS and multi-device application (smartphone, tablet, laptop). The application is compatible with the majority of mobile devices supporting the following OS:

– Android from version 4.2

– iOS from version 10.0

– Chrome (for laptop PCs with an OS older than Windows 8.1)

The cost of the Praxedo solution is completely controlled: only those access instances for remote employees are charged for. The price of accessing the service ranges from €24.50 excluding VAT to €69.00 excluding VAT per month and user depending on the version used. Click here to view detailed information about our rates. Access to the Web scheduling and configuration module is free.

No. Praxedo focuses exclusively on its SaaS software publisher business.
Our users generally buy their mobile devices and SIM cards at the same time from their telecoms operator, so as to benefit from subsidized prices.

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Using Praxedo

The Praxedo application is very easy to deploy, since all you have to do is download the application from one of the different stores depending on what mobile device you have. Please note: You must become a Praxedo customer first of all to ensure you have the key to enter and then use the mobile application. Here are the links to the stores that you can download the application from:

  • From the App Store for the iPhone / iPad iOS:
  • From Google Play for Android devices:
  • From the Windows Store for Windows Phone 8.1 devices:
  • From the Windows Store for Windows 8.1 tablets and laptop PCs:
  • From the Chrome Store to use with Chrome on a laptop PC with an OS older than Windows 8.1:

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Praxedo is forever innovating and bringing out new features, which are generally made available to our customers at no extra cost. With Praxedo, you’ll be able to develop your industry-specific processes by means of a simple configuration (e.g. creating new forms for reports) and you’ll even be more responsive to requirements in the field. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the application being compatible with future generations of operating systems and mobile devices, since Praxedo takes care of portability.

The Praxedo application is used by a number of key accounts, which have generally interfaced their information system with Praxedo. Praxedo offers both the service quality level and the security level that key accounts need. Praxedo’s biggest customer has more than 1,500 technicians using the Praxedo application.

From the very outset, the mobile application was designed for a population with no particular technical skills. During the development process, we had only one thing in our minds: simplicity. Handling generally doesn’t call for any particular training, and the way in which you configure the application will allow you to use explicit industry-specific terms that will speak to your field workers.

Praxedo attaches a great deal of importance to user satisfaction, as illustrated by the application’s rating on mobile marketplaces:

Example – Google Play:

Praxedo is used in numerous areas of activity which are all very different. The fact that it is highly configurable means it can easily be adapted to any and all businesses that have workers in the field and are presently using paper-based processes to report on their work (work order, work order report, delivery slip, log sheets, etc.). What’s more, Praxedo is particularly adapted to “managed” field workers, i.e. scheduling is carried out by a dispatcher. Data exchange between workers in the field and those individuals in charge of scheduling will allow you to both improve the quality of field operations and make productivity gains.

Praxedo’s technical characteristics, the interfaces and security

The Praxedo mobile application continues to work even when users are out of signal. Since data is saved on the mobile device, remote users can trigger synchronization operations once the network connection has been restored. Data exchange is optimized to work with narrowband connections (GPRS). 3G/4G coverage is not required.

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The Praxedo application is hosted on dedicated infrastructures run by OVH, Europe’s leading hosting firm. Data is systematically saved on several servers at remote sites, and the app’s recorded availability rate is greater than 99.8%. Access to the application is granted by means of HTTPS with the exact same security level required for making online payments.
To prevent security breaches, Praxedo also engages specialized companies whose job it is to perform external intrusion tests, which also allow us to quickly rectify any potential escalated security problems.

Yes. We offer you Web Services and FTP interfaces which are ready to use and free as standard. We use SOAP APIs and provide you with all the help you need to implement them (SDK, sample codes, etc.). We also have native connectors with certain ERP systems.

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No. Right from the outset, the service has been designed to be configured by line managers without any particular technical knowledge. We always strive to keep things simple when we design new features. For the sake of efficiency, we generally advise our customers to train administrators in their Praxedo account for a day or two, so they can then make optimum configurations to respond to industry-specific constraints.

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