Praxedo: already 12 years of experience
in the field of mobile workforce management.

We created Praxedo in 2005, convinced of the potential of Internet and mobile technologies in the field of mobile workforce management. While the market was essentially targeted by integrators putting forward specific app developments, we were certain at a very early stage that the future lay with packaged software solutions: a unique piece of software capable of adapting to our customers’ specific features by means of a simple configuration process, with no specific developments.

We were also convinced that the new technologies would revolutionize service businesses. Ever since Praxedo was first created, we have firmly believed in the potential of SaaS when applied to the mobile workforce management sector. Because SaaS allows users to considerably cut costs and shorten deployment times, they can concentrate all their energies on their business (rather than on creating tools, as was previously the case).

We have invested in mobile technologies since Praxedo began, so as to ensure that our users can access the Praxedo solution on most mobile devices available on the market. Praxedo does not resell terminals. Our goal is for you to be able to freely choose the best device(s) for your project.

Having been in business for 12 years now, we must admit that our vision was the right one: the Cloud / SaaS is becoming the new standard in the software industry, and mobile app usage is booming, particularly amongst field workers.
Looking towards the coming years, we believe that the new technologies will have a great deal to offer with regard to organizing operations and managing work orders in the field. So we still have lots of inventing to do!

Praxedo: a sustainable and developing company

Praxedo has rapidly proven itself to be a key player in mobility solutions, as well as the French specialist when it comes to mobile workforce management software.

Although Praxedo is often presented as a start-up due to its strong growth and innovative nature, we have a long-term strategy for Praxedo. As a company, Praxedo has been developing through self-financing mechanisms since it was created, even though it is still, to this day, wholly owned and managed by its founders.

The Praxedo team includes around 35 workers distributed between our offices in Paris, Munich and Montreal. We do not outsource work to sub-contractors. Every single aspect of our software is developed in-house, and our platform is operated internally too by salaried Praxedo engineers.

Praxedo is a collective project which all of our workers invest in. We attach a great deal of importance to each worker thriving in what they do. We are delighted that we have stable teams with excellent knowledge of the Praxedo technology. Our company’s offices are always located in the city center to make life easy for our workers. Our employees benefit from regular training sessions and internal seminars organized to provide them with information and to allow them to progress in our organization.

With 15,000 users, 300 customers and a turnover of €5 million (which doubled in three years), Praxedo has proven itself to be one of the leaders in Cloud-based software solutions for mobile workforce management.

We constantly strive to create value for our customers

For companies which employ field workers, we believe that mobile technologies are a source of considerable innovation.

But this is only the beginning. There are still many things to be invented.

Connected objects, global positioning, travel assistance, unified communication, shared whiteboard, video streaming, augmented reality – the list goes on! The advent of new technologies is revolutionizing the world of services and the jobs undertaken by workers in the field, such as technicians.

We invest heavily to give our customers even more value. Indeed, more than 50% of Praxedo’s workforce is made up of engineers who are involved in developing new innovations.

The Praxedo customer community

More than 300 customers and 15,000 users use Praxedo every day to organize their operations in the field.

Our customers include both key accounts and SMEs.

They use Praxedo in numerous areas of activity, such as in the maintenance of telecommunication networks, the deployment of fiber optic / FTTH, facilities management, utilities (water / energy network) maintenance, building security, the construction / public buildings and works sector or transport and delivery.

For all these areas of activity, Praxedo brings with it considerable productivity gains by helping to optimize resources and by facilitating the exchange of information between field workers (technicians, drivers, etc.) and their dispatcher.

Both our customers’ loyalty and their testimonies are the best proof of just how satisfied they are with Praxedo!

Our offices

  • Canada

    Praxedo Software Inc.
    1200 McGill College Avenue,
    Suite 1100,
    Montréal, Québec, H3B 4G7

    Tél : +1 (514) 390-2750

  • France

    Praxedo SARL
    80, rue Taitbout

    75009 Paris

    Tel: +33 (0)1 40 33 79 79

  • Germany

    Praxedo GmbH
    Victanis Center, Oberanger 32

    80331 Munich

    Tel: +49 (0)89 260 104 912

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We are a young company operating “in start-up mode”.

Being responsive, our organization gives top priority to R&D and product innovation. It demonstrates its agility to enable a reduced time to market in an ever-changing marketplace.

As our company has been fortunate enough to experience strong development, we are always on the hunt for new talent, engineers and salespeople.

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