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The 100% SaaS/Cloud workforce management platform

Our solution is aimed at all companies, from SMEs to large corporations, with field workers such as technicians, auditors/inspectors and drivers/delivery personnel who are managed by dispatchers. Gone are the days of completing paper forms and entering the data onto a PC. Our solutions offer increased productivity and responsiveness for your business.

  • A mobile application for your field workers.

    Mobile app for your field workers

    Stay connected to your field workers at all times.

    • Multi-OS, multi-device Multi-OS, multi-device
    • Real-time schedule updates
    • Enriched forms, photos and videos
    • Follow-up of invoiced items (equipment, services...)
    • Remote collaboration, chatting, document sharing
    • Offline mode
  • An intelligent Web Scheduling application
    that monitors activity in real time

    An intelligent Web-based scheduling

    Preparing, scheduling and following work orders made easy for dispatchers

    • Scheduling based on skills and time constraints
    • Scheduling using maps
    • Global positioning and traffic info
    • Scheduling to teams of field workers
    • Scheduling of recurring work orders
    • Monitoring of time spent per work order
  • Flexible and advanced configurations to conform with your business processes

    Flexible and advanced configurations to conform with your business processes

    Our customers can configure their Praxedo account themselves — no specific software development or technical expertise required

    • Intuitive configuration via a simple Web interface
    • Customised reporting forms
    • Customised work orders phases (workflow)
    • Organisation of the account by agency
    • Web access profiles and user rights management
  • Easy integration with existing information

    All the new functions are designed to be interfaceable and able to communicate with your existing applications.

    We offer Web services to make sure the solution integrates seamlessly with your information system.

    Praxedo is already interfaced with many enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) such as:

Expertise in a range of industries

Our teams have an in-depth working knowledge of your industry and its challenges.
The tried-and-tested solution is efficient, even in very specific industry contexts.

  • métier technicien adapté


    Optimise the work orders of your telecommunications, climate control, energy, and lift technicians.
    8,000 technicians are already using this app. Sign up now to deploy Praxedo to your teams!

    See the industry overview
  • auditors and inspectors

    Auditors and inspectors

    Enjoy paperless quality control, service control and technical audits in the field, This effective tool makes life easier for your auditors and inspectors.

    See the industry overview
  • métier chauffeur livreur

    Drivers and delivery personnel

    Paperless delivery notes, real-time tracking of delivery routes, identification of anomalies: Praxedo is easy to deploy for your drivers and delivery personnel.

    See the industry overview

Over 300 clients have put their trust in us

94% of our clients recommend Praxedo (Survey performed in Q1 2014)

They are our greatest source of pride.
They are also the most compelling proof of the value that we provide to them.

Our teams work in close collaboration with you

Wherever you are, our local teams are on hand to offer you assistance

Our teams
  • Montreal
    Praxedo Logiciel Inc.
    1200 McGill College Avenue
    Suite 1100
    Montréal, QC H3B 4G7
    Tél : +1 (514) 390 2750 contact@praxedo.com
  • Paris
    Praxedo SARL
    80, rue Taitbout
    75009 Paris
    Tel: +33 (0)1 40 33 79 79 contact@praxedo.com
  • Munich
    Praxedo GmbH
    Victanis Center, Oberanger 32
    80331 Munich
    Tel: +49 (0)89 260 104 912 kontakt@praxedo.com

You can deploy Praxedo immediately and even configure it yourself, though at Praxedo we believe in the importance of direct human contact.
That’s why our sales and support teams are available to assist you at all stages of your project and also in your working language. Get in touch now to discuss how our solution can revolutionise your business.

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